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Before you begin working with us as an ad poster or a customer service rep , you will need to register your account with our clients. As per our agreement with our clients, everyone involved in the marketing of their products and services shall be familiar with the products we are advertising for. This is a requirement to begin working. X network pays all expenses for this. Our goal is to get you familiar with the companies we are marketing for so that you will carry out your job duties efficiently and effectively.

You must use google chrome or Mozilla Firefox for this process.

Log on to:


Click “Start meeting”

Wait for download on bottom left of screen (There will be a green circular timer that will complete)

Click the arrow and when the menu opens, then  click “Open”

Then click “Run” program

Wait for orange “join me” icon to appear on  the top center of your screen

(If it pops up the option to join 14 day trial , click “No thanks” at the bottom right of screen

There will be an orange bar at the top of your screen that will read : “Connecting”

Wait and in the orange field bar there will appear a 9 digit code. Get that code to us so that we can remotely access your computer and navigate you  through the company products and services sign up  process  to complete your orientation.

There will be a message that will say “Can viewer 1 have control?” – you will click “yes” and the orientation process will begin. You will be issued a company credit card which you will activate at the time of orientation and will be used to pay you for your job tasks.

You also need to send a scanned copy of your state I.D. and a phone bill or electric bill to xnetwork6789@gmail.com  , this needs to be done before we get started with orientation. Part of your orientation is to participate in the companies that we advertise for products and services so that you will be familiar with the companies we are marketing for.

In exchange for ad posters registering with one of our clients we advertise for (also referred to as "completing an offer"), you are compensated for posting ads which sends them new customers .

We advertise for over 200+ companies online, so the compensation levels for completing ad assignments are different from company to company.